Help and Care: Alfred and May

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91-year-old Alfred was devoted to his wife May. She had dementia and Alfred was her full-time carer but sadly all that changed when Alfred fell at home. 

 May had been admitted to hospital and was about to be discharged when Alfred injured himself falling over. Concerned he could no longer support his wife, Alfred tried to voice his concerns to the hospital on several occasions but felt like no-one was listening to him.

The Help & Care Advocacy Team visited him and listened to his dilemma. A meeting was arranged with the hospital and it was decided that, because May was nearing the end of her life, she should go into a care home. The team supported Alfred in choosing the type of care he wanted for his wife and made sure that she was placed close to her husband so that he could visit her every day and have his evening meal with her.

As a result of the team listening carefully to him and offering him support, Help & Care were there for Alfred through an incredibly stressful and upsetting time, and also helped to make the end of May’s life as comfortable as possible.

Population groups: 
Older people
People nearing the end of life
People with long term conditions
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