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Common Room Consulting, in collaboration with the Evidenced Based Practice Unit, are leading a new programme to promote open decision-making in CAMHs.  The programme is funded by the Department of Health and Health Education England, through its children and young people mental health innovation fund.

We are working in collaboration with children, young people and CAMHs professionals to develop an innovative new range of training and online resources to support open decision-making between children, young people and mental health practitioners.  Drawing on evidence from a number of innovative practice and research initiatives, including two current PhD projects, the programme will develop:

  • A model of open decision-making: We are working with young people and CAMHS practitioners to develop a model of decision-making that will provide a practical framework for CAMHS practitioners to build on their existing skills and expertise to apply and evaluate decision-making in their clinical practice. The model draws on evidence-based models of decision-making and has been further developed during current PhD research (being led by the project lead) into the experiences of young people and CAMHs professionals about making decisions.  Thus, the model is designed to accurately reflect the CAMHs context, the types of decisions, and levels of influence of young people and practitioners during the decision making process.
  • Open decision-making masterclass: The 1-day master class and half-day follow-up session, will be co-delivered with young people and designed to build on the existing skills and expertise of professionals in CAMHs, supporting them to apply the model by working through examples from their own clinical practice.  We will also utilise quality improvement techniques to enable CAMHS professionals to evaluate and embed decision-making in their practice. This will be delivered in-house to multidisciplinary CAMHS teams to ensure this addresses the service context and becomes embedded in practice at individual/team levels.
  • Online educational platform and resource hub: We are developing a new online educational resource, the first devoted to open decision-making in CAMHS, that will host: an interactive version of the open decision making model to enable practitioners to apply this to their practice; a resource hub to enable healthcare professionals to share best practice tools and resources; and practice examples sourced from a variety of CAMHS modalities and focusing on a range of decision types.

CAMHs professionals are skilled and experienced at engaging children and families in decisions. The central ethos of the programme is to build on the existing skills and practice of CAMHs professionals and explore more challenging or complex decision making scenarios and how we can make decision-making more open, explicit, and collaborative with children and young people.

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Children and young people
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
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