Partnership working around Personal Health Budgets

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Possability People have been working in partnership with their local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and another voluntary organisation (Friends, Families and Travellers), in supporting a person to receive a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

This PHB is still ongoing and is testament to the benefits of collaboration between different sectors, and demonstrates the benefits that a PHB can have for communities that have difficulty engaging with health services.

The aim of the partnership work was to provide better health outcomes for a member of the travelling community, and to pilot the use of a PHB in being influential in providing good health outcomes for people from minority groups. Friends, Families and Travellers identified someone who could benefit from a PHB, Ade. The next step of the process was receiving funding agreement from the CCG. Possability People then provided the services needed to support Ade with his PHB, including a service that takes over employment responsibility for those who receive a PHB or direct payment, but do not feel able to employ the staff themselves or to manage their care services.

Both organisations (Possability People and Friends, Families and Travellers) worked with Ade to create a care plan. Friends, Families and Travellers then were able to identify and work with suitable candidates to become PAs to the service user, from his own community. Possability People now have two PAs from the travelling community working with Ade, and one has gone on to work with other clients.

Ade's health has improved thanks to his PHB, he is keeping appointments and the number of times he visits the GP or A&E has reduced, and he is enjoying life more. Possability People see the key to this work as creating a good working relationship with the CCG, real collaboration, and a joint understanding of the end goal.

Population groups: 
Older people
People from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
People with physical disabilities
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