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The Research and Evaluation team at Penny Brohn UK have just published a report presenting the findings of an evaluation of their services for people with cancer and their supporters.

This report comes at an exciting time, with building momentum around the need for the health and social care system to link better with the voluntary sector - as outlined in NHS England's Five Year Forward View. We hope this report provides useful evidence and shows Penny Brohn UK's role in the culture change within health and social care. Please note Penny Brohn UK are also one of the five partner sites selected for the Realising the Value Programme.

The Wellness Package delivered 60 Living Well courses across the UK (reaching 519 people), and provided 12 months' of Follow-Up support. Our report looks at the 6 week and 12 month retrospective experiences of people using our Wellness Package Services and presents the following data (please see full published report):

Penny Brohn UK's new evaluation report findings in a nutshell:
* Concerns and Wellbeing improve after the course: The Patient Centred Outcome Measure known as MYCaW (Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing ) showed that peoples' concerns and health related quality of life significantly improve after 6 weeks and this is sustained 12 months after attending Penny Brohn UK's services. The most common concerns expressed were around psychological and emotional issues.
* People are more able to self-manage their health: PAM (Patient Activation Measure) data was collected, showing that people had a significant shift in their "Activation" scores 6 weeks after the Living Well course. This indicates that people are potentially more able to self-manage their health after the course. Also, when asked directly 6 weeks after attending the Living Well course, 86% of people reported they were more able to self-manage their condition. People reported that self-management involved juggling key themes of diet, exercise and stress-management techniques.
* People change the way they use healthcare services: 12 months after the course, healthcare service use data showed a trend to use healthcare services less after accessing Wellness Package Services (note: this data is only a trend due to small data set size). Also, 45% said that their experience of the services had made a positive difference to the way they accessed medical services by giving them confidence to ask questions and make decisions about their care with doctors.

If you have any queries about the report, please contact, Research and Evaluation Lead at Penny Brohn UK.

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