Sisters, Seagulls and Send-offs

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Targeting health, social care and education sectors, Haylo Theatre is a two woman theatre company that create bespoke performances and workshops that initiate inter-generational conversations around difficult subjects, such as the impact of health upon individuals, families and communities. We bring together students, professionals and families and create a space for dialogue. Within our work, we focus on real stories and examine real outcomes in order to highlight the issues affecting our communities.

'Sisters Seagulls and Send offs'

It's about life, it's about death, it's about options and choices. Beth and Penny have recently lost their father and they have conflicting opinions, opinions of his life and his death. The two sisters explore permission to grieve, and battle between coping with grief in different ways. As such, this play gives an insight into the role of death within society, and the emotions surrounding this difficult subject.

'Sisters, Seagulls and Send offs' is a 60 minute performance, that uses real life experiences of dealing with death and dying. The production includes the notion of taking control, talking openly and making plans regarding end of life choices. It explores some of the barriers we face as a society and how we deal with sensitive issues.

"A very thought provoking and well thought out piece" Alex Comiskey NHS, 2017
"The work you are doing is just inspirational and the way you put it across was so insightful." Lynne Partington, The End of Life Partnership, 2017

We would like to invite you to our first public performance of 'Seagulls, Sisters and Sendoffs', which explores the role of death in society. We will be performing at Storyhouse Chester on Friday 27th October at 8.30pm.

For tickets please see:

Haylo Theatre: Sisters, Seagulls and Send offs - Storyhouse
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We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you there. We are very interested in the work that you do and would appreciate any support you can offer us.

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