SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist

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The SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist helps clinicians monitor and manage epilepsy risks & wellbeing. It is a practical, evidence-based tool that is quickly completed in the clinic which promotes meaningful communication, provides a baseline to compare changes in risk factors over time, and supports prioritisation of clinical activity. It is a free, award winning tool currently being used by over 250 clinicians in different settings across the UK to support the routine, open and positive discussion epilepsy risk management with their patients.

This ten minute risk assessment tool:
1. assists clinicians to open a positive discussion with people about epilepsy and risk assessment;
supports a person-centred discussion of risk, focusing on whether known risk factors apply to a particular patient;
2. helps clinicians educate people with epilepsy about their personal risk and possible lifestyle changes which might reduce those risks;
3. promotes the goal of patient safety by identifying modifiable risk factors which may guide treatment;
creates documentary evidence for clinicians on the impact of the treatment plan over time, and demonstrates effective clinical governance while enhancing patient safety;
4. provides some assurance to bereaved families that every effort was made to reduce risk and prevent a fatality when a death occurs.

The Checklist uses evidence on risk factors for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), and includes the major risk factors known to be associated with fatality in epilepsy. There is also a patient friendly app version of the Checklist, EpSMon.

For more information about the tool or to learn more about epilepsy risks, SUDEP & how SUDEP Action can help both Health Professionals and people with epilepsy, please visit the links below:

Population groups: 
People with learning disabilities
People with long term conditions
People with rare diseases
Pregnancy and maternity
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