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The Older People's Advocacy Alliance is producing a series of Older People's Cancer Voices short films; this project is about amplifying the voices of older people affected by cancer, and changing lives for older people through advocacy.

When you head over to our new YouTube channel you'll meet Suzanne and her advocate Lisa as she talks about the impact of her cancer diagnosis which came as a tremendous shock shortly after the sudden death of her partner. While she was having treatment for cancer a neighbour offered to help her, she fell victim to theft and faced an eviction notice and a looming court date.

Suzanne shared her story in our publication Facing Cancer Together, she told us about how her advocate Lisa supported her:

"Lisa contacted me regularly over the coming weeks, organising statements from my surgeon to send to the court, explaining why I couldn't attend. It wasn't just my infection, but the way I now looked and spoke that I was conscious of. I didn't want to go anywhere, let alone a court room. Lisa has been great. She liaised between Victim Support and my surgeon's secretary. When the 'not guilty' verdict came through she was able to provide me with the emotional support I needed so much. Lisa applied for a Macmillan grant for me so that I could take taxis to the wellbeing centre. We have plans to go together sometime and I'm looking forward to that. Because I used to be in the armed forces Lisa also contacted Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) for me so they could assess me for further funding."

We're really pleased to now share Suzanne's Story on film as she continues to have treatment and talks to Lisa about their shared experiences, the emotional impact of cancer, of feeling overlooked because of the physical effects of her treatment and the decisions she is making about her future.

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