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After a year of planning, the TM Society’s first Family Weekend took place in July 2015 at the Calvert Trust in the Lake District. This venue is a residential outdoor centre with over 35 years’ experience delivering challenging outdoor adventure holidays for people with disabilities. 

The Family Weekend brought together children and young people living with Transverse Myelitis (TM), or associated conditions. For many of the young people, it was the first time they had met another young person living with the same condition. It was also an opportunity for the parents to share information, solutions to problems, and experiences. Siblings joined in the fun and realised that they aren't the only children in this situation. The whole family benefited, not only from what they learned, shared and did, but also from making new friendships that will continue long after the weekend. Nine families took part in the weekend.

Alongside activities including abseiling and cycling, the families were able to ask a range of medical professionals (including Paediatric Neurologists, a Paediatric Urologist, Specialist Nurses, a Paediatric Neuro-Disability Consultant, an Occupational Therapist and a Neuro-physiotherapist) questions about living with TM, including medical, social and emotional issues. For a summary of these Q&A sessions, please see the report.

I'm not the only one with TM  (many of the young people who attended the weekend)

Please see the full report of the weekend for further details.

The next family weekend will be held on 8-11 July 2016 at the Calvert Trust and is being organised by 3 parents whose children are living with Transverse Myelitis, or associated conditions.


A WOW! Exchange case study on the 2016 Family Weekend can be found here. 

Population groups: 
Children and young people
People with long term conditions
People with physical disabilities
People with rare diseases
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