Wellbeing Our Way: 4Pi in Practice

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Wellbeing Our Way is using the principles of coproduction as a basis for how people with lived experience and those from organisations work together throughout the programme. In other words, we value the range of personal and professional experience people bring and are committed to bringing these diverse groups together throughout our work.

Through Wellbeing Our Way we aim to support charities and community groups to better enable people to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to live well with their long term health needs. We believe that the involvement of people with lived experience at all levels of the programme is essential to ensure that the ‘more than medicine’ approaches that charities and community groups develop truly reflect the experiences and aspirations of people who are living with ongoing health needs.

Wellbeing Our Way is signed up to National Survivor User Network (NSUN)'s 4Pi National Standards for involvement. Developed by people with lived experience as part of the National Involvement Partnership (NIP) project, the 4Pi National Standards ensure effective co-production, thus really improving experiences of services and support.

Please see below for a case study around how Wellbeing Our Way is using the 4Pi standards to inform our approach. 

Population groups: 
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
People with physical disabilities
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