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The Young Epilepsy App is a free app that supports young people with epilepsy and their families to manage their condition.

Keeping a record of seizures and symptoms is vital for the successful diagnosis and management of epilepsy and the app includes an easy to use seizure video function; symptom log; diary and medical prompts; as well as discreetly stored emergency and contact details.

The ‘Profile’ section of the app is used to store personalised information about the child or young person’s epilepsy, including their emergency protocol and medication details.  Reminders can be set for routine medication, while the emergency information entered will be accessible via a shortcut on the homepage so it can be accessed quickly when needed.

The ‘Diary’ section of the app is used to keep accurate, up to date records of seizures, the circumstances in which they occur and the action taken.  It can also be used to keep track of appointments. Video clips of seizures can be attached to diary entries by either uploading from the phone’s media gallery or through the ‘Video a seizure’ shortcut on the home screen.

The app also enables users to view charts based on the information inputted about seizures to help identify potential patterns, with the ability to filter chart information by week, month or year.  It supports information sharing with healthcare teams, schools and family members, as sections of the profile and charts can be emailed or downloaded.

The app also includes a ‘Learn’ section where users can find out more about epilepsy and related issues and and an ‘About’ section which invites feedback from users, signposts to further sources of information and support, and has details of training courses provided by Young Epilepsy.  Users are also able to initiate calls to Young Epilepsy’s helpline from the homescreen of the app.

Since the app was launched in October 2012 it has had over 14,000 downloads across several countries.  Feedback on the app is constantly collated. Flurry analytics is used to monitor downloads, usage and errors.  There is also a feedback survey, the link to which is on the app, and which is promoted through the Young Epilepsy website and social media channels. In addition, feedback comes in via the Young Epilepsy helpline and an email account set up for app queries.

Latest feedback on the app shows that:
•    95% of users would recommend the app to someone else
•    90% found the app beneficial to them and/or their child

Comments from parents include:

Reminders for my daughter are a god send. The diary section for me as a parent is a great help as I add notes after an appointment and can always relate back to it! I can also remind myself when we have an increase in meds etc. The whole layout is so user friendly for adults and children. The explanations are informative but not frightening unlike some sites I have looked at. I can honestly say this site really has helped me organise a routine for myself and my beautiful daughter. Thank you

I have been making good use of the young epilepsy app recording my daughter's seizures whilst in the John Radcliffe hospital.  It has received considerable interest from the professionals we have been working with and the other parents I have shown it to.

I would like to thank you for your great app that has been invaluable in recording our daughters epilepsy seizure patterns which enabled doctors to diagnose quickly

Young people and adults with epilepsy said:

It’s nice to have an app dedicated to young people with epilepsy which has both help and advice for me and my mum as it affects us in different ways. Its full of great information and the content is extensive and very useful..answering a lot of questions I had but not yet answered.

Your app has been great in keeping track of my seizures.  It has been really great while being on various drug studies

It has everything I need in one place for a quick guide and evaluation of seizures. It may even help to see if a pattern is forming!!

Population groups: 
Children and young people
People with long term conditions
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