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Using peer support and co-production to improve employment, education and social opportunities for those with mental health needs. Mosaic Clubhouse is part of the International Clubhouse network. Based in Brixton, Lambeth, our award winning model provides a unique way of supporting people with mental health needs to realise their potential.

We are deliberately understaffed so the input of members is needed to efficiently run the Clubhouse's three main units:
* Business & Administration (booking meeting rooms, administrative support to all units, social media scheduling and posting).
* Employment, Education and Information (delivery of work related workshops, CV production and job searches, coordination of education courses, liaison with partner employers, production of newsletters and job boards).
* Cafe and Maintenance (running a working cafe; maintenance of the clubhouse and its garden).
Members work side by side with each other, and staff, to run these units day to day. The experience gained develops employment related skills, confidence, and reduces social isolation.

Information Hub
Members provide peer support in a more formal way by working in our Information Hub, which is a signposting service for Lambeth residents with mental health issues or concerns about loved ones.
Members volunteer to work alongside staff to support persons at risk of mental health crisis in our Evening Sanctuary.

Transitional Employment Programme
Mosaic Clubhouse partners with employers to provide a Transitional Employment Programme. Members and staff are trained for specific, paid roles and if, for any reason, the allocated member is unable to attend staff provide cover. Members have gone on to take on Supported Employment as well as independent roles; and employers have increased the number of roles offered.

Please visit our website, and follow us on social media to find out more. Alternatively; contact us to arrange a visit, so you can see our model in action.

Population groups: 
People with mental health problems
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