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myHIV is Terrence Higgins Trust's innovative online service for people living with HIV; it is the UK's largest online community with over 11,000 members accessing self management tools and online support. Since its launch in January 2011 myHIV has helped people manage their own diagnosis and increase their knowledge of the condition in order to live well.

At the heart of myHIV are our community forums with more than 3,700 members. This peer-led space allows people from across the UK to have conversations with each other and share their own stories. Our most popular forum topics include receiving an HIV diagnosis, treatment, relationships, staying healthy and dealing with comorbidities. During the evenings our peer support volunteer team chat with clients, answering their questions using their own lived experiences and signposting them to services from both Terrence Higgins Trust and other HIV or sexual health organisations. The forums are a positive space and our members love to share their good news as well as their problems, for example finding out their viral load is 'undetectable' for the first time.

Whether newly diagnosed with HIV or managing the condition for many years, myHIV is a place where clients can access:
* free online counselling (delivered via Skype)
* free online advice (delivered via Skype, email and WhatsApp)
* tools to help manage HIV (Viral load/CD4 tracker, email reminders for medication and appointments etc.)
* support to improve your health and wellbeing
* community forums with volunteer led peer support chat sessions

myHIV is able to help anyone living with HIV in the UK. Our services are accessed by a range of people, from those living in low prevalence areas that may not have access to face to face support services to people who are unable to contact local groups due to the stigma that still exists regarding HIV.

Population groups: 
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people
People from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds
People with long term conditions
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