National Voices joins forces with partners on key messages for the election

Today’s The 2015 Challenge: Our prescription for the election document published by 23 organisations, emphasises the importance of political leadership, alongside health and care leadership, in helping secure change. We welcome the report published and are calling, in collaboration with other organisations, for politicians to work in partnership with the public, patients, clinicians and other local leaders to ensure changes secure the best possible health outcomes and sustainable services, rather than blocking necessary change. 

Examples of great support for children and young people with complex lives: can you help?

In late March National Voices and the Think Local Act Personal partnership will be publishing a new branch of the Narrative for Person Centred Coordinated Care and Making it Real for children and young people with complex lives. 

We are making a final call for case studies to be included in the publication and are asking you to share your examples of great support.

National Voices updates Person Centred Care 2020: Calls and contributions from health and social care charities

National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, has updated the demands for genuinely person centred care. It warns that services are increasingly fragmented and underfunded, with too little voice for patients and families, and says that fully involving people in decisions is the key to improvement.

National Voices responds to the Labour 10 Year Plan for the NHS

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, says:

“We welcome the Labour 10 year plan which offers a powerful vision and direction for improving health, wellbeing and care. Since Andy Burnham first set out his vision of whole person care it is clear that much thought has gone into developing it, not least as a result of the Oldham Commission. 

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