National Voices responds to the Labour 10 Year Plan for the NHS

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, says:

“We welcome the Labour 10 year plan which offers a powerful vision and direction for improving health, wellbeing and care. Since Andy Burnham first set out his vision of whole person care it is clear that much thought has gone into developing it, not least as a result of the Oldham Commission. 

Me, my choice, my care, my communities: developing a Narrative for children and young people

National Voices and the Think Local Act Personal partnership (TLAP) are inviting contributions to help shape a Narrative for children and young people with complex lives

Older people challenge health and care services to provide more coordinated care and refrain from labelling them as ‘frail’

I’m Still Me: a narrative for coordinated support for older people is published today and sets out how coordinated – or integrated – care and support looks and feels to older people and is written from their point of view. 

National Voices joins new alliance in health and social care

National Voices has joined forces with some of the most influential bodies in health and social care to champion the transformation of support provided for people with long-term health conditions. 

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