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Access our diverse network

We know that many health and care leaders are keen to engage with diverse groups of people to better understand what they want from health and care but don’t know where to start. At National Voices, we are uniquely placed to support you.

We believe that health and care services are at their best when they are designed with and around the ambitions of people who regularly access services and people affected by health inequalities. 

We know that many people who design health and care services share our belief, but can experience barriers to putting this into practice, especially around inclusivity.

At National Voices, we have more than 200 members covering a diverse range of health conditions and communities, connecting us with the experiences of millions of people. We work together to strengthen the voice of people: patients, carers, their families, and the voluntary organisations that work for them.

If you are working on a topic that is of strategic importance to people who use health and care, we may be able to connect you with diverse groups of people and the charities that work with them.

The approach we take depends on the topic, timescale and nature of the conversation required. We can run and facilitate a wide range of activities – from interviews to focus groups, from roundtables to large scale engagement events, from conferences to developing insight reports, and much more.

We receive high volumes of requests from organisations interested in accessing our networks and cannot help on every occasion. We prioritise issues:

  • Which are of genuine interest to our member charities and the people they work with.
  • Where the organisation asking for our insights and connections is open to changing their approach in light of any insights gathered.
  • Which focus on topics where there is not already a strong evidence base.
  • Where the organisation asking for our insights and connections is committed to reporting back on what has changed as a result of any insights gathered.

Find out more about accessing our diverse network

If you would be interested in finding out more about accessing our diverse network, please fill out this enquiry form.

Are there particular groups of people or organisations? Are there a particular number of people you would like to reach?
Please note that work with less than six weeks’ notice can be difficult for us to support. Where we can support with quick turnaround pieces of work, this may be more expensive due to the additional resources needed within our small team to deliver in short timeframes.
Are you open to changing your organisation’s approach to a topic in light of any insights gathered?
Are you open to reporting back to us on any changes that happen as a result of any insights gathered?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.