Consultation responses

National Voices responds to relevant consultations from the Department of Health, other government departments, and other health and professional organisations.

Below are details of our submissions as of May 2010.

Health Select Committee Primary Care Inquiry  

The Consultation Document (September 2015)                          

The NV response (September 2015)     

Introducing the statutory duty of candour

The Consultation Document (March 2014)

The NV response (April 2014)

Fundamental standards for health and social care providers

The Consultation Document (January 2014)

The NV response (April 2014)   

NICE: Transition between health and social care

The Consultation Document (January 2014)

The NV response (February 2014)

NICE: Older people with long-term conditions draft scope

The Consultation Document (October 2013)

The NV Response (November 2013)

Refreshing the Mandate to NHS England: 2014-2015

The Consultation Document (July 2013)

The NV Response (September 2013)

The DH Consultation on Migrant Access to the NHS

The Consultation Document (July 2013)

The NV Response (August 2013)

The Care Quality Commission's consultation: ‘A New Start’

The Consultation Document (June 2013)

The NV response (August 2013)

Monitor's Consultation on 'Section 75' Guidance

The Consultation Document (May 2013)

The NHS Voluntary Sector Providers Forum response (July 2013)

Management of Long Term Conditions

 The submission to the House of Commons Select Committee Inquiry (May 2013)

Strengthening the NHS Constitution

The consultation document (January 2013)

The NV response (January 2013)

Draft Care & Support Bill
The draft Care and Support Bill (2012)

NV and the Care and Support Alliance's full response to the draft Bill (2012)

The NV response (October 2012)

The Mandate to the Commissioning Board

The consultation document (2012)

The NV response (September 2012)

Shared Decision Making

The consultation document (May 2012)

NV letter to Andrew Lansley- expresses NV concerns of the consultation (May 2012)

NV Response to the Consultation (August 2012)

UK Plans for Rare Diseases

The consultation document (February 2012)

NV response (May 2012)

Delivering Dignity

The draft report from the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care- set up by the NHS Confederation, Age UK and the Local Government Association (February 2012)

NV response (March 2012)

The final report (June 2012)

NHS Commissioning Board Business Plan

NV response to the draft indicative plan (January 2012)

The NHS Commissioning Board's first Business Plan (April-October 2012)

Guidance on Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies

NV response to the pre-consultation draft (January 2012)

NICE Guidance and Quality Standards on Patient Experience (generic)

NV submission (July 2011)

The final NICE Standard and Guidelines

NHS Future Forum

9 big shouts summarised all the positions taken by National Voices, its members, and other charities on the White Paper proposals and the Health and Social Care Bill 2011; and proposed specific improvements, many of which were addressed in the Future Forum's report and the government's response (May 2011).

Passage of the Health and Social Care Bill

Parliamentary evidence and briefings submitted by NV during the passage of the Bill (2012)

Value Based Pricing of Prescription Medicines

The consultation document (December 2010)

NV response (March 2011)

Health Select Committee: Inquiry into Complaints and Litigation

NV submission (December 2010)

The Select Committee report- evidence from NV & AvMA propose new mechanisms to ensure the NHS is candid to patients and their families; and calls for further improvements to the complaints system
(June 2011)

White Paper: Liberating the NHS

The coalition government set out its plans for health reform in a White Paper, 'Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS', and a series of associated consultations (June 2011)

Various consultation documents and NV response