Principles for Integrated Care

National Voices has developed, with its members, a set of principles for integrated care. We are asking policy makers and practitioners to adopt them.

We, as organisations representing the interests of patients, service users and carers, want integrated care to develop quickly and at scale.

We want a range of approaches to be developed and tested -- there can be no single model.

However, there is a need for common principles to inform all approaches -- principles which put patients and service users at the heart of care.

The principles

The following principles, agreed by 130 member organisations from health and social care, are further explained in the full document.

We state that integrated care must:

  • be organised around the needs of individuals (person-centred)
  • focus always on the goal of benefiting service users
  • be evaluated by its outcomes, especially those which service users themselves report
  • include community and voluntary sector contributions
  • be fully inclusive of all communities in the locality
  • be designed together with the users of services and their carers
  • deliver a new deal for people with long term conditions
  • respond to carers as well as the people they are caring for
  • be driven forwards by the commissioners
  • be encouraged through incentives
  • aim to achieve public and social value, not just to save money
  • last over time and be allowed to experiment

We are asking the relevant Secretaries of State, all commissioners, regulators and relevant professional organisations to give explicit support to these principles