Wellbeing Our Way

Wellbeing Our Way aims to make a practical difference to how charities, community groups and wider health and care organisations enable people to live well. We use communities of practice to spread person-centred approaches so that people with ongoing mental and physical health needs have as much independence, optimism and control as possible at all stages of their lives.

Wellbeing Our Way focuses on five approaches:

  • Peer support
  • Care and support planning 
  • Supporting self-management
  • Person-centred information and helplines
  • Engaging people in shaping health and care support

Wellbeing Our Way is supported by The Health Foundation, an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

Download Wellbeing Our Way's Impact Report 2016.

Open discussions but with purpose and structure - facilitated by people with expertise.
Feedback from a workshop in Greater Manchester