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Supporting a person in an unfamiliar place

Claire Daley

This is the fifth blog in a series on how National Voices members are enabling person-centred care. Claire Daley of Alzheimer’s Society talks about the simple ‘This is me’ resource that enables health and social care professionals to better understand who a person really is.

  • Person-centred care

Alzheimer’s Society has created a simple but powerful resource to support a person to easily share information about themselves when they’re in an unfamiliar place. It enables health and care professionals to better understand an individual’s preferences and needs so they can provide more person-centred care.

‘It was an absolute godsend. I saw real evidence that the leaflet had been read and that staff were using the information provided to engage with my husband.”

Carer of a person living with dementia

A simple and valuable resource

This is me can be used to record details about a person who can’t easily share information about themselves – they may be living with dementia or experiencing delirium or other communication difficulties. For example it can be used to record:

  • a person’s cultural and family background
  • important events, people and places from their life
  • their preferences and routines.

The leaflet helps health and social care professionals to better understand who a person really is, which can help them deliver care that is tailored to the person’s needs.

“It is a brilliant, simple product which I highly recommend.”

Carer of a person living with dementia

Fully reviewed and updated

A new version of This is me was published last week. The 2019 review of the leaflet was informed by comprehensive feedback from people living with dementia, carers and professionals in dementia care. As a result of their suggestions, the updated leaflet includes new categories, more space to write information and a fresh design. It also has improved guidance notes with useful examples of the kind of information you can include.

 “I like the new categories and the way the sections are divided up … it is more personal”

Person living with dementia

“I particularly like the detail in the guidance notes”

Allied Health Professional

Endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing

This is me is a valued resource that has helped to transform care for thousands of people in hospitals, care homes and those living at home, with more than 840,000 copies distributed. It has also been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing since its initial launch in 2010.

How to use ‘This is me’

This is me should be filled in by the individual(s) who know the person best and, wherever possible, with the person involved. It should be kept where everyone who cares for the person can easily refer to it.

“We can ensure we know the person well, which helps us provide the best possible individualised care.”

Staff Nurse

It should also be taken to any new location – for example if the person goes into hospital or a care home – and given to any new people who contribute to the person’s care.

“It’s easier than having to tell people the same thing all of the time.”

Person living with dementia

Available formats

The new This is me is available online – you can download and print a copy to fill in by hand, or you can complete and save the leaflet electronically, so that you can update it at a later date. 

It is currently available in English, and a bilingual Welsh/English version (Dyma fi) will be available soon.

Order or download a copy