Feasibility of Parent-to-Parent Support in Recently Diagnosed Childhood Diabetes. Channon S, Gregory JW, Grey L, Sullivan-Bolyai S. The PLUS Study. Diabetes Educator 2016;42(4):462-9.

This case study looks into how peer support can help parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes

Contributions of peer support to health, healthcare, and prevention: papers from peers for progress

This set of articles describes a range of approaches to peer support provided by community health workers, lay health advisors, promotores de salud and others. They explore the efficacy, effectiveness, feasibility, reach and sustainability of peer support for diabetes self-management. Topics include the types of peers to provide support, reaching the seldom reached, success factors in peer support interventions, proactive approaches, attention to emotions, dissemination models and policy implications.

Peer support for diabetes, heart disease and HIV/AIDS: a review of the clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and guidelines

This resource summarises literature about the effectiveness of difference types of peer support for people with various long-term conditions. It includes examples and guidelines / tips to gain good outcomes from peer support.


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