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February 9 2022

Valuing Lived Experience – Learning with National Voices

Rachel Matthews, Head of Experience at National Voices and Associate Lived Experience Leader Keymn Whervin have co-designed and developed a prototype programme of coaching and mentoring, which will bring mutual benefit to those with Lived and Learned Experience and improve health and social care.

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Facilitating the co-existence of Lived and Learned Experience

We know that people with Lived Experience bring important insight to the design and delivery of care, and understand how resources can be directed for better value. However, they do not often get the opportunity to work alongside system leaders to support improvement.

Voices for Improvement, a National Voices project in partnership with Q, offers Lived Experience Partners the opportunity to provide coaching and mentoring to those in senior positions in health and care. Through 1 to 1 coaching in action learning groups, Lived Experience Partner participants are trained to bring their perspective and insights to support leaders to develop their personal and organisational practice.

We really believe that this has the potential to help to enact meaningful change through strategic co-production.

Valuing Lived Experience – Learning with National Voices

On 9 February from 10:30 – 12pm, we are holding an event, Valuing Lived Experience – Learning with National Voices, to share our learning from this project as we prepare to launch. We want to bring you along for the journey, and allow you the chance to meet those who have contributed along the way. We are excited to share our methodology and invite participants to ask questions to see what getting involved in this work could look like for them, their organisations and their networks.

Who is this event for?

We are excited to welcome a wide range of people to this event;

If you are: a person with Lived Experience who is interested in becoming a Lived Experience Partner through the programme, or someone who knows people who may find this experience to be beneficial do come along and learn about what is involved.

If you are: a system leader or hold a position of influence within healthcare and you’d like to learn more about how to embed Lived Experience in your work through the expertise of a Lived Experience coach, we will explain more about the programme and open the floor to additional questions.

If you are: part of a larger charity with your own Lived Experience networks and want to learn about what makes our approach different, and how this could potentially help you do come along.

If you have any questions, please email

Agenda to follow soon

Voices for Improvement builds on the exploration conducted in 2020 with the Voices for Improvement Advisory group including two representatives from the Rosamund Snow Community and with support from the Health Foundation.