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National Voices appointed Coordinator of VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance

National Voices has been appointed to the Coordinator Role of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance from 2021-24.

  • VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance
  • Health inequalities

The Alliance, which is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, brings together 18 national voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations and three health system partners to coproduce health and care policies, and to shape service delivery.

It aims to facilitate collaborative working between the VCSE and statutory sectors, and to bring the voices and expertise of the VCSE sector, and the people they represent, into national policy development and delivery. It is closely aligned with the national strategic priorities of the system partners, with a focus on promoting equality and reducing health inequalities.

National Voices, as the leading VCSE infrastructure organisation in the health sector, has been appointed to work on behalf of the HW Alliance to coordinate activity and communications, manage external relationships with key stakeholders, and connect with the local VCSE sector.

We are joined in partnership by NAVCA, who will facilitate that national connection with local VCSE organisations, for example by ensuring community organisations have a route to feed into legislative reforms around Integrated Care Systems.

National Voices’ CEO Charlotte Augst said:

We are committed to ensuring the refreshed HW Alliance is characterised by meaningful coproduction and is as impactful as possible. As members of the previous iteration of the HW Alliance over four years, we have first-hand experience of what works well, but also of what has held us back at times, of what can be achieved if we work together, and of where the challenges are.

We will work closely with both our fellow VCSE organisations and system partners to identify key priorities for us to work towards together, and to establish productive ways of working to ensure we achieve those goals.