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National Voices are ‘taking over’ the Health Service Journal

From 17-21 October 2022, National Voices has been given the exciting opportunity to ‘take over’ the Health Service Journal (HSJ). National Voices’ key aim is to bring new voices, experiences and opinions to HSJ’s readers.

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In March 2022, HSJ ran an e-auction to help people fleeing from Ukraine due to conflict, in which they raised over £23,000. One of the prizes on offer was the opportunity to help edit HSJ, and some very kind individuals crowdfunded to afford National Voices this opportunity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those involved for their support.

Content from HSJ next week will include pieces commissioned by National Voices on topics such as the cost of living crisis and how this affects people living with ill health, spotlights on innovative organisations making real change on health inequalities and a wide range of comment pieces. HSJ readers who subscribe to ‘Daily Insights’ will also hear from the National Voices team next week.

National Voices will be sharing these pieces as they are published via their twitter.

Alastair McLellan, Editor of HSJ says:

We are excited for next week, and for the content National Voices will be sharing as part of their ‘takeover’. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear different perspectives and opinions from across their 200 members, who serve a huge variety of people and conditions.

Sarah Sweeney, Head of Policy at National Voices says:

We are really pleased to have this opportunity to ‘take over’ HSJ, and we hope to use it to platform the voices of people who have great ideas and insights into how we can work to make the health and care system more inclusive and person-centred. We want to say a huge thanks to Alastair and all the team at HSJ for giving us this opportunity, and to everyone who so generously donated money to the e-auction.