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Nothing about us without us

At National Voices, the leading coalition of health and care charities in England, we have heard from hundreds of charities and people living with underlying conditions, and developed these five principles to underpin and test any policy change.

Read our statement here
  • COVID-19
  • Health inequalities
  • Person-centred care

They put people and their rights at the centre of decision-making.

We have provided here a copy of the original Five Principles statement, supported by over 90 organisations. Also available here is a briefing featuring five brilliant illustrations to accompany each principle; there is also a poster for people to print out and use, and the illustrations can also be downloaded separately to use in communications or in email signatures.

If you would like to read this statement in an alternative format, pleaseĀ get in touch.

Other related documents available to read include:

Five principles illustration briefing

Five principles poster

Read our statement here