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Person-centred care in 2017

Policy makers have been aspiring to a ‘patient-centred NHS’ in England for at least 20 years. Person-centred care has become an increasingly prominent stated ambition both of national policy and local practice.

  • Person-centred care
  • Lived experience

What difference, if any, have these stated ambitions made to the experiences of people who need and use services and support? We wanted to know.

This report attempts to create a snapshot of the extent of person-centred care in the English health and care system, based on how people report their experience of treatment, care and support. This data can be found — in patches — in surveys of patients and service users.

Share the findings

If you would like to share the findings of ‘Person-centred care in 2017’, we have produced a template PowerPoint presentation that you can download from this page.

If you would like to read this report in an alternative format, please get in touch.