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Six principles for engaging people and communities

Seven governance boards were established to implement the NHS Five Year Forward View. National Voices chaired the People and Communities Board.

Read our principles here
  • Lived experience
  • Person-centred care
  • Health inequalities

The six principles were developed by the People and Communities Board, in conjunction with the new models of care ‘vanguards’ sites, to give practical support to services as they deliver the ‘new relationship with people and communities;’ set out in NHS England’s Five Year Forward View.

These ‘six principles’ set out the basis of good person-centred, community-focussed health and care.

The six principles require that:

  • Care and support is person-centred: personalised, coordinated, and empowering
  • Services are created in partnership with citizens and communities
  • Focus is on equality and narrowing inequalities
  • Carers are identified, supported and involved
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise and housing sectors are involved as key partners and enablers
  • Volunteering and social action are recognised as key enablers

Six principles for engaging people and communities: definitions, evaluation and measurement contains information and suggestions to help organisations and planners to understand and measure the impact of engaging with local people and communities. Six principles for engaging people and communities: putting them into practice sets out why the principles are important, and offers case studies and key questions to help local leaders put them into practice.

These documents are not checklists or official guidance. They aims to complement a wider suite of products to be produced by national bodies for the health and care system as it moves forward with the implementation of innovations in care delivery. They will be received by people working at full tilt in a system under great pressure. We hope that in these documents you will find inspiration, reassurance and practical support.

The documents are useful for anyone engaged in improving and transforming health and care services in England, including patients, carers and the public. They are particularly aimed at:

  • Leaders in the NHS, and national and local government
  • Managers in the NHS, and national and local government
  • Practitioners in the NHS, and local government

If you would like to read the principles in an alternative format, please get in touch.

Read our principles here