Supporting self-management

What is self-management?

On average, a person living with long term condition(s) spends 8757 waking hours a year managing their condition or disability and betweeen just 3 and 7 hours with a health professional. If we want to enable people to manage their health needs and live in the ways which matter to them, we need to be offering support which enables people to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation they need to make the most of what they're managing well, and to make and maintain changes where appropriate.

Wellbeing Our Way and supporting self-management

Wellbeing Our Way hosted supporting self-management communities of practice for charities and community organisations nationally and in Greater Manchester. Stephen Scowcroft blogged about the influence of the community of practice on the Lymphoma Association's Live Your Life programme.

Read the Storify of the shared learning workshop we ran in Greater Manchester to see how community activists, people with lived experience, councils, social enterprises, and local charities shaped our discussions of self-management.

September 2015's WOW Now (Wellbeing Our Way's e-newsletter) gives an overview of our first national supporting self-management workshop; a case study on Self Management UK's education, training and support, and links to useful self-management resources.

Examples in practice

Carol Pearson and Sam Peaceful-Day and Anya de Iongh blogged for Wellbeing Our Way about their experiences of self-management, and how they have been supported to self-manage.

There are examples of projects about self-management on the WOW! Exchange, including: