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National Voices welcomes proposals from NHS England for a revolutionary new patient record initiative, the supported shelf management programme.

For too long patient records have been stored inefficiently, firstly in cumbersome trollies and dusty archives, and latterly in complex computer programmes that few people can understand. This new initiative will put sturdy, sensible shelving within reach of professionals and patients around the...

On 29 March, Wellbeing Our Way hosted a facilitation masterclass designed for those working in involvement, policy, campaigning, communications or management roles across National Voices' member organisations.

Great facilitation can enable problem solving, deepen stakeholder engagement and energise strategic-level planning. This masterclass introduced participants to a range of techniques which can promote more purposeful conversations and lead to better outcomes.

We covered so much

On 30 March, Wellbeing Our Way - in partnership with the Coalition for Collaborative Care - held a coproduction masterclass.

Through a mixture of presentations, facilitated exercises, group conversations and sharing of real life reflections from people with lived experience, the masterclass provided a practical introduction to coproduction and helped participants start to develop an organisational approach....

A new report has found that financial pressures in the NHS have affected patient care in ways that often go “under the radar”, with community and public health services amongst the hardest hit.

Commenting on the King’s Fund report, 'Understanding NHS financial pressures', Don Redding, Director of Policy at National Voices, the coalition of health and care...

The March edition of Wellbeing Our Way's newsletter, WOW Now, has been published.

This month's WOW Now includes:

  • A discussion about how communities of practice are creating change in the health and care world
  • A blog by Stephen Stowcroft about how being part of Wellbeing Our Way's supporting self-management community of practice has helped
  • ...
National Voices responds to Budget 2017

The Chancellor has announced an additional £2bn of funding over the next three years to support the struggling social care system, along with measures to support health and care transformation.

Commenting, Andrew McCracken from National Voices, the coalition of health and...

National Voices responds to the announcement that local plans to reduce hospital beds will only be supported if the plans meet a new test that ensures patients will continue to receive high quality care.

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has announced that future hospital bed closures due to service transformation will only be supported if a new test is met, in efforts to ensure that...

We’re excited to introduce Wellbeing Our Way’s new organisational timebank.
Wellbeing Our Way’s timebank is an opportunity to share your skills with others and receive their help in return. Every contribution is equal – one hour shared...

National Voices responds to a new report from the King’s Fund which calls on the Government to be prepared to back radical changes to health services being proposed in Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Commenting on the report, Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, the coalition of health and care charities, said:

More than 70% of the NHS budget is spent on people with at least one long-term condition. This is a severe challenge to a system

The February edition of WOW Now introduces Wellbeing Our Way's timebank.

WOW Now: February edition covers:

  • Invitations to coproduction and facilitation masterclasses in London
  • Dates of communities of practice meetings in Greater Manchester
  • An opportunity to join an Action Learning set in Greater Manchester
  • Resources from previous
  • ...