Jeremy Taylor

The New Care Models Zone is one of four feature zones at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo. The zone explores the progress made by the 50 vanguards developing and testing new models of care that can be replicated across different health economies. Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive of National Voices, is also chairing an expert panel discussion on the ‘Future NHS Stage’ at Expo – ‘From new models of care to new cultures of care.’ In this blog he takes a look at how this might work in practice.  

Harri Weeks


When accessing health and social care services, everyone wants to be treated with dignity and respect. Sadly, LGBT people often aren’t. The National LGB&T Partnership worked with communities of LGBTQ people across England to design a narrative describing how they would like to be treated in Health and Social Care. Harri Weeks explains how they did this.

Martin Farran

As part of efforts to create a  ‘new relationship with people and communities’ as set out in the Five Year Forward View, the People and Communities Board, in partnership with the new models of care Vanguard Sites, developed six principles to help change these underlying behaviours and approaches.

Jeremy Taylor

The government’s NHS plans were big news again this week. The story? There are not enough health staff members to deliver on the manifesto commitment of a seven day NHS and the government is recklessly ignoring the risks. The BMA claimed vindication of the positions they had taken during the junior doctors’ dispute. Labour’s health spokesperson accused the government of undermining the NHS. What was the source of this story? A leaked risk analysis, among related documents. Yes, it’s the silly season.

Sue Farrington
Sue Farrington

“Strength in numbers”: an oft used phrase, but like many such clichés it has evolved to mean different things to different people. For me, as Chief Executive of Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK), the only UK Charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with these debilitating autoimmune conditions, ‘strength in numbers’ has multiple meanings. 

Don Redding

A quest to find, identify and manage differently the ‘top 2%’ of patients is increasingly occupying NHS managers. Don Redding, National Voices Director of Policty explores the consequences.

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald, chair of disability rights charity, Scope, blogs about improving communication with patients in the NHS.

Jeremy Taylor

The first flurry of new government formation is over and I have written on behalf of National Voices to Jeremy Hunt and his refreshed ministerial team. Parliament has risen, school is out, and it’s not a bad time to take initial stock of what the May Government could mean for health and care.

Natalie Koussa
Natalie Koussa

Wellbeing Our Way's WOW! Exchange is a space for charities and community groups to exchange examples of how they are enabling people to live well, in the ways which matter to them.

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Following publication of the Six principles for engaging people and communities, the NHS Youth Forum provide a constructive response outlining how and why children and young people’s voices must be heard.


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