To the left, Jacob Lant, a white man with short light brown hair. To the right, Stella Vig, a brown woman with shoulder length black hair.
Jacob Lant and Stella Vig
Usha Grieve, a white woman with short black hair, wearing a pink coat and soft orange top.
Usha Grieve
Lorraine Stanley; a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair, laughing.
Lorraine Stanley
Pavi Brar; a young brown woman with long black hair and a big smile.
Pavi Brar
Hannah Poll; a young white young smiling, with short curly hair and a dark brown tank top.
Hannah Poll
Philippa Sharman; a young white woman with long brown hair and a big smile, wearing a black top and grey cardigan.
Philippa Sharman
Lucy Seymour; a young white woman with brown hair and a fringe, gold circular glasses, and a beige knitted vest.
Lucy Seymour
Meg Stapleton, a young white woman with a brunette bob and a big smile.
Meg Stapleton
Shilpa Ross, a brown woman with a short black bob and big smile, wearing black glasses and a blue top.
Shilpa Ross
Georgia Preece, a young white woman with long blonde hair, wearing a light blue shirt and smiling.
Georgia Preece


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