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National Voices’ response to government news release

Don Redding, National Voices’ Director of Policy, says:

“National Voices welcomes the drive towards compassionate care,...

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Integrated care. Coordinated care. Joined-up care. Call it what you will, most people – patients, professionals and politicians - agree we need it. However there is still much debate on how to describe it. The King's Fund has counted 175 different definitions of integration so far. Meanwhile, The King’s Fund/Nuffield Trust said, and NHS Future Forum agreed, that “The most fundamental prerequisite to the development of integrated care at scale is the crafting of a powerful narrative”.

National Voices has been commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board to create this Narrative – taking the perspective of patients, carers and other service users.

National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, welcomes changes to the Mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board and particularly the new Board objective “to ensure the NHS becomes dramatically better at involving patients and their carers”.

The changes were announced today by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The much improved ‘patient involvement’ objective signals a desire for a significant cultural shift towards building people’s “knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health”, and personalised care planning.

Don Redding, National Voices’ Director of Policy, says:

National Voices, the NHS Confederation and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges are working on a joint project on the reconfiguration of healthcare to help deliver the right care in the right place.

There is a growing consensus that change is needed to take advantage of modern healthcare techniques, meet the needs of an older population, and enable the NHS to live within its means.

The NHS Confederation, Academy and National Voices joint work will assess:

•    what change is necessary and why;
•    the benefits to the public and how risks might be managed;
•    the barriers that have hampered change and how they might be overcome;