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National Voices highlights the government’s inconsistent approach to health.  On the one hand, the NHS budget has been ring-fenced and the Health and Social Care Bill would impose a new duty on the Secretary of State to reduce health inequalities. On the other hand, policies on macroeconomic management and welfare do not appear to be influenced by health considerations.  Members of the National Voices' coalition have previously criticised the impact of benefit changes on people with disabilities, and the slowness of the Government to push ahead with reforms to social care funding.

25 October 2011 News Release

MORE than 30 national charities have written to Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS in England, asking him to endorse National Voices’ Principles for Integrated Care, which are launched on Tuesday 25 October.

The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 will give duties to secure or promote integrated services to both commissioners and regulators.

Responding to a recent CQC Report which highlights the inadequate care of vulnerable elderly patients in one in five hospitals Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive of National Voices, says:

“How often do we have to hear about the neglect of vulnerable elderly patients? How many reports will it take? Hospital chief executives must wake up and take responsibility. Where we don’t start seeing improvements we should start seeing resignations."

See below National Voices' statement on Duty of Candour consultation as announced...