News from National Voices

14/6/2011 News release

National Voices welcomes the government’s changes to its health reforms, noting that, on some key demands from patient groups, it has gone further than the NHS Future Forum report.

These include the following calls made by National Voices,...

May 2011

9 Big Shouts is a landmark statement of what patients, service users, their families and carers want from the government's health reforms and from the delivery of health services in general.

13/6/2011 News release

National Voices has welcomed the NHS Future Forum report and urges the government to accept the recommendations and, in some cases, to go further.

This report embodies many of the principles and actions that our members – over 100 health and social care charities - have been calling for on behalf of service users.

Points in the report that National Voices particularly welcomes include:

• A focus on the NHS constitution – a landmark statement of rights, signed by National Voices

• The importance of integration of care services

• The principle that “no decision about me without me” should be hard wired into every part of the system”

13 June 2011
National Voices has been flying the flag for service users and charities on BBC 6 O’clock News; BBC News Channel; Radio 5, and 10 local radio stations.

The Government has made further announcements about its new listening exercise. It will be overseen by an NHS Future Forum of about 40 people, chaired by Professor Steve Field...

National Voices welcomes the pause in parliamentary consideration of the health and social care reforms, announced by Secretary of State Andrew Lansley yesterday, and repeats its call for changes that will give real influence over commissioning to patients,...