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22 October 2010
Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices was quoted in the Nursing Times on complaints.


The Government in England wants to give patients more choice about their health care. National Voices Trustee, Angela Coulter explains in the...

12/10/2010 News Release

Patients and voluntary organisations are impatient for change that will make a real difference to all service users and their families and welcome the Government’...

5/10/2010 News Release

On Tuesday 5 October,...

17/09/2010 News Release






Members' Conference


National Voices Members’ Conference
Annual General Meeting

16 September 2010


In brief

20 September 2010
National Voices’ chief executive, Jeremy Taylor, was quoted in the GP Newsletter following on from our Members’ conference and AGM which took place on the 16 September.

Paul Burstow’s attendance confirmed at our members’ conference

Paul Burstow, Minister of State for Care Services, has confirmed that he will attend and talk at our conference on 16 September. For...

5 August 2010
National Voices’ chief executive, Jeremy Taylor, was quoted in the Health Service Journal (HSJ) on the subject of NHS reconfiguration:

“There is now a pent up bulge of schemes. If it is handled right, that means the NHS can make some changes that will improve care for patients’ benefit. However, not all of these will be the right ones and if they are rushed through without engagement there is a danger they will damage public confidence.”

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Jeremy Taylor on regulation in patient safety

National Voices’ chief executive Jeremy...