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National Standards for Peer Support for people living with HIV. Designed for people living with HIV to set out what they can expect when accessing or providing peer support, for organisations in...

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Author: Garry Brough

What’s it like to stay at a peer-led respite house, instead of a hospital? Residents and workers at Afiya House in Massachusetts reveal in their own words the benefits, challenges and myths behind...

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Author: Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

A practical guide on developing a diabetes peer support group in Black Carribbean communities, packed with useful tips on how to plan, advertise, facilitate and evaluate your group.

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Author: Black Creek Community Health Centre

Peer supporters from across the emergency services give their top tips on how to create and maintain a peer support culture.

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Author: MIND

What does privilege mean in the context of peer support and why is it relevant?

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Author: Peer Link

A culturally appropriate peer support programme helps improve type 2 diabetes outcomes in the African American community

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How do peer suport staff maximise their impact so that they are not merely present in an organsation?  A number of US speakers outline how peer support should be fully integrated in the planning...

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Author: SAMHSA

A webinar including panel discussion and Q&A outlining co produced guidance on how to build and maintain peer support programme.  Helpful for coomunity organisers, healthcare workers,...

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Author: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Single mothers in Wales took part in this self management training while in a peer support group, explore the impact of this and what lessons can be learned

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Author: Mental Health Foundation