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Hundreds of peer support workers shared their insights in creating this national standard which endorses peer support work as a valid and respected career

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Author: Peer Support Accreditation and Certification

Peers as well as workers share their experience of recovery and how peer support helped them along the journey

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Author: Support & Housing - Halton

A case study examination of how mental health services have developed and grown peer support 

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Author: Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change

An examination into how peer support benefits various addictions and helps in their recovery

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Simone shares the pros and cons of being a peer support worker which may provide insight for anyone new into the role

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Author: Free Your Mind CIC

Three different peer support groups talk about how peer support helps

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Author: MIND

This programme takes an indepth look at how perinatal peer support delivered remotely by locally trained diverse volunteers can have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of vulnerable families  ...

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Author: NCT