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Working with veterans, this toolkit aims to tackle common peer support problems such as role confusion, staff resistance and the unequal treatment of peer support workers.

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Author: New England MIRECC Peer Education Center

Focusing on public health this website helps you develop, implement and evaluate peer support and gives many examples such as HIV and diabetes peer support groups

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Author: Peers for Progress

This handbook provides guidance about evaluating mental health prevention and early intervention programmes. Peer support is mentioned, amongst other programmes. Principles for evaluation are...

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Author: RAND Corporation

This video provides a case study of two peer support programme experiences from the perspective of two HIV healthcare professionals who were originally sceptical but who are now supportive. They...

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Author: Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

These slides discuss how to find and recruit peer workers in an HIV peer support programme. The slides touch on the components of retention and potential challenges with this. The slides include...

Author: Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

This report explored how to most effectively apply peer support in the military environment including with veterans. The authors identified five factors that are important for sustaining peer...

Author: Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding the experience of peer support workers may be important in planning ways to mitigate challenges and sustain services. This research documents discussions with peer support workers...

Author: MacLellan J, Surey J, Abubakar I, Stagg Hr.

This article describes how a public health focused peer support programme in schools was evaluated in a manner seen as an alternative to a randomised control trial (RCT). Year 8 students in Wales...

Author: Audrey S, Holliday J, Parry-Langdon N, Campbell R.

This brief report describes an evaluation of a peer-led group in New Zealand. The document describes how a mixed research method was utilised to allow seeing multiple aspects of participants'...

Author: Inner South Community Health Service

This journal article describes studies evaluating the outcomes of peer support programmes for people with diabetes. It focuses on assessing changes in blood sugar levels and control and concludes...

Author: Qi L, Liu Q, Qi X, Wu N, Tang W, Xiong H.