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Living with a chronic health condition in a rural area can be challenging, this study examines how peer support can overcome some of the barriers

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Evidence based guidance and examples of best practice in peer support are used here to help groups and organisations working with people with Dementia

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Author: Health Innovation Network

Brigstowe's Type 2 Peer Support Project was set up in partnership with Bristol Community Health in October 2018 to investigate the potential benefits of 1-2-1 peer mentoring for people newly...

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Author: Sean Hourigan

The Peer Housing Support Program is a Lived Experience community-driven initiative, dedicated to providing support with, and a sense of community and belonging for, people transitioning from...

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Author: Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

This evaluation presents the mid-way findings of Brigstowe's Positive Voices project which includes the following services one-to-one Peer Support - a new and unique local service providing peer...

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Author: Emer Brangan

This resource provides guidelines for the training of peer supporters and guidelines for the practice of peer support. Both sets of guidelines are intended to provide best practice principles for...

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Author: Mental Health Commission of Canada

This report is for people interested in leading face-to-face cancer support groups and established group leaders. It aims to help people to think about community needs for cancer support groups,...

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Author: Cancer Council

This resource summarises results of surveys in the UK exploring why people access peer support and what factors influence the likelihood of them doing so. It also summarises what matters to...

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Author: Q Improvement Lab

An independent evaluation of peer support groups for people wo have had a stroke. It clearly outlines the evaluation methods used and the outcomes including learnings and challenges that the...

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Author: Nuffield Trust