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This report reflects on the value of peer support and shares case studies and practical insights from ten organisations who, through the Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund, have worked to...

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Author: Nesta

This manual from Canada focuses on setting up and maintaining peer support programmes for people with a mental illness. It includes a step-by-step outline of how to develop a peer support...

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Author: British Columbia Ministry of Health Services

A case study examination of how mental health services have developed and grown peer support 

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Author: Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change

What does privilege mean in the context of peer support and why is it relevant?

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Author: Peer Link

This toolkit was coproduced as part of Mind's 'Side by Side' project. The toolkit gives some guidance on how to better understand and communicate your impact, what the core principles of peer...

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Author: Mind

This report summarises an evaluation of peer support groups for people with dementia who live in secured housing. It shows the evaluation methods used to collect data on participants’ physical...

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Author: Mental Health Foundation

Living with a chronic health condition in a rural area can be challenging, this study examines how peer support can overcome some of the barriers

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This report is for people interested in leading face-to-face cancer support groups and established group leaders. It aims to help people to think about community needs for cancer support groups,...

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Author: Cancer Council

This evaluation presents the mid-way findings of Brigstowe's Positive Voices project which includes the following services one-to-one Peer Support - a new and unique local service providing peer...

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Author: Emer Brangan