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Peer supporters from across the emergency services give their top tips on how to create and maintain a peer support culture.

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Author: MIND

This evaluation framework was designed to measure the effectiveness of peer support as a means of reducing mental health symptoms and improving overall wellbeing and social connectedness in women...

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Author: Not attributed

This toolkit provides tips for managing  peer supporters and is particularly focused on managing people with alcohol or substance misuse issues. It focuses on how to recruit, train and supervise...

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Author: Substance Misuse Skills Consortium

This Best Practice Framework aims to set out some of the guiding principles behind developing and operating peer support programs. It provides a guide to setting up and growing peer support of...

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Author: Chronic Illness Alliance

This resource is about establishing a peer support service but does include a section on monitoring and evaluation. It looks at how to embed evaluation and improvement processes into your peer...

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Author: Centre of Excellence in Peer Support

This mid-way evaluation of the Positive Voices project includes feedback from people that attended Recently Diagnosed Workshops and HIV Awareness Training. The evaluation also focuses on the...

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Author: Brigstowe

Which type of peer support is most effective when dealing with an acquired brain injury?   This journal outlines many examples and their merits.

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What are the key issues you need to plan for when hiring a peer worker?  This example from Canada gives you tools to measure success as well as effective training of peer supporters and how to...

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Author: Center for Innovation in Peer Support

An opporunity for peer respite users to give anonymous feedback on their experiences

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Author: 2nd Story