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Mental Health Partnerships in the USA examines how peer support services can be financed in this webinar

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Author: Mental Health America

A US based report highlighting the benefits of peer support in increasing wellbeing while decreasing costs in comparison to traditional day treatments

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Author: OptumHealth

A handbook of activities for developing peer support amongst people with learning disabilities, to build knowledge and understanding about growing older and living with dementia.

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Author: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

This handbook provides guidance about evaluating mental health prevention and early intervention programmes. Peer support is mentioned, amongst other programmes. Principles for evaluation are...

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Author: RAND Corporation

This video provides a case study of two peer support programme experiences from the perspective of two HIV healthcare professionals who were originally sceptical but who are now supportive. They...

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Author: Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

This manual describes how to set up, maintain and evaluate peer support initiatives. This includes information on the recruitment of peer mentors, coordinating a programme and how to supervise a...

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Author: CIL-NET

This resource aims to help programmes evaluate using fidelity and outcome assessment tools. These evaluations can be self-assessments or external evaluations. 

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Author: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Telephone delivered mutual peer support is offered to patients with depression and this six month long study looks into the difference this type of treatment had on  the patients

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For those involved in sheltered house services, this innovative case study explores ‘kindliness’ as a way of developing peer support and engendering culture change, against the background of...

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Author: Housing Learning and Improvement Network