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National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership
September, 2015
National Voices, Think Local Act Personal
March, 2015
My life, my support, my choice describes some outcomes and success factors in the care and support of children and young people with complex lives.
February, 2015
Every Moment Counts describes some critical outcomes and success factors in end of life care, support and treatment, from the perspective of the people who need that care, and their carers and families.
National Voices, Age UK, UCL Partners
December, 2014
I'm Still Me describes how older people want high quality coordinated care to support them in their everyday lives. It reflects the different perspectives and preferences of older people through the development of I Statements.
National Voices
September, 2014
National Voices, Think Local Act Personal
August, 2014
No Assumptions describes some critical outcomes and success factors in the care, support and treatment of people who use mental health services, from their perspective.
National Voices
March, 2014
Promoting prevention
National Voices
March, 2014
Improving information and understanding